Storage in London

Storage in London can be found in self storage facilities operating by individual owners and removal companies.  The facilities are ideal for individual or businesses that need additional storage space on a long or short term basis.

Some storage facilities have the capability to allow the customer to check the availability of storage space and the cost. The customer can also book the storage unit online. The facility will also send you a quote via text or email and rent isn’t due until you start storing your items.

Facilities have multi-level facilities where the storage units are often cheaper on the upper floor than the first floor. Online booking systems offer the same discounts and storage specials that are found when the visiting the booking office in person.

Units are available for any time frame from a day to multi years. There are no penalties when leaving the facility, but there will be a charged assessed if the unit is not cleaned before your move out deadline.

Most storage facilities have an inventory of packing and moving supplies including boxes of all sizes, packing bags, tape, webbing and palettes to keep the boxes off the store. Some of the facilities also provide moving services. They not only move from one premise to the other, but to the facility for long or short term storage.

Before choosing a storage facility, be sure to check accessibility, security, fire protection and cost. A good thing to know is if the unit is on the first floor or upper floor. The upper floor costs are typically lower than those on the first floor. Always ask about special deals that might be in effect from time to time. They could prove to be a cost saver or even extend the length of rental time at no extra cost.